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RPS 205 welcomes its first 50/50 Dual Language Program

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RPS 205 officially welcomes its first 50/50 Dual Language Program in the district.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held recently at Lewis Lemon Elementary. This type of bilingual program allows general education students to learn a second language.

Lewis Lemon Principal, Aleshia Jones, said "It's important for our kids to have the exposure and opportunity to learn another language."

A group of 50 kindergarten students at Lewis Lemon are evenly split up amongst two classrooms. Half of the class is Spanish dominant, the other is English dominant. Half of the day is taught in English with one teacher, the other in Spanish with another teacher. 

This program started with kindergarten but will be offered every year, next school year will include first grade at Lewis Lemon. Students assigned to Lewis Lemon Elementary will get first opportunity to the program. 

The good news is there are plans to expand the program to other schools in the district each year.  

  • Bilingual Department
  • Lewis Lemon Elementary School