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Equity & Opportunity

The Rockford Public Schools equity vision is to create learning environments that work for all students and interrupt the predictability of student outcomes based on zip code.

RPS 205 Superintendent Dr. Ehren Jarrett is prioritizing feedback from students and staff in regular listening sessions.

His target is to make sure African American voices are heard clearly in a way they haven’t been in the past. Those conversations are helping Dr. Jarrett and his leadership team, including the Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, improve policies and ensure RPS 205 serves – and is equitable for – all students.


Meet RPS 205's Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Dr. Tiffany Brunson

We must empower and position students as storytellers, leaders, co-creators, organizers, and partners who advocate for student-driven solutions to educational inequities. We must be unrelenting in our pursuit of creating equitable learning environments that respect diversity and provide experiences and space for all students to learn and thrive. Our inclusive communities should be guided by anti-racist, culturally sensitive instructional practices, meaningful human connections and intentional decision making.

Dr. Tiffany Brunson

Dr. Tiffany Brunson came to RPS 205 in July 2021 as the Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer to serve on Dr. Jarrett’s leadership team. Dr. Brunson brings more than 25 years of education experience: as a special education teacher, curriculum leader and principal in Chicago Public Schools, Oak Park District 200 and most recently the Forest Park School District. 

Dr. Brunson leads the district’s work to embed equity and culturally sustaining practices into every core function of Rockford Public Schools, ensuring that all students have full and equitable access to the district’s programs and resources. That means engaging students, families and community members as true partners in the educational process.

Listen to a Podcast with Dr. Brunson

Dr. Tiffany Brunson, RPS 205 Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, shares her passion for equity work and outlines the challenges district leaders are working to overcome.

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