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Facilities Master Plan

Rockford Public Schools 10-year $279M master plan was designed to bring RPS 205 facilities into the 21st century and address significant deterioration and deferred maintenance.

Thank you to the Rockford community, RPS 205 taxpayers, the Rockford School Board and administration for supporting Rockford Public Schools, its students and the future.

Overview of Renovations and Construction

Cafeteria equipment


Cafeteria & gymnasium additions that include several new classrooms at 18 schools

Students playing basketball in new field house


Field houses, gymnasium upgrades & new classrooms at Auburn, East, Guilford and Jefferson high schools

Colorful hallway wall with shape cut outs


New schools: Constance Lane Elementary School & Cherry Valley Elementary School

line drawing of a pipe



Mechanical, electrical and plumbing at 25 schools

line drawing of paint bucket and paint brush



Interior finishes — painting, flooring & carpet — at 34 schools

line drawing of window



New windows at 21 schools

line drawing of brick wall being built



Previous deferred maintenance at 30 schools, including electrical, masonry, HVAC renovations and roof replacement

line drawing of demolition equipment



Eliminating 9 obsolete buildings

10-Year Facilities Master Plan Highlights

10-Year Timeline - October 2011
10-Year Timeline - August and November 2012
10-Year Timeline - Spring 2013
10-Year Timeline - August and November 2014
10-Year Timeline - Winter 2016
10-Year Timeline - Fall 2017
10-Year Timeline - Summer 2018
10-Year Timeline - Summer 2019
10-Year Timeline - August 2021
By The Numbers
By The Numbers
Line chart of planned ($279M) vs actual ($285M) expenditures