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School Scorecard

The School Scorecard measures performance in the Rockford Public Schools. Each school in the district is scored in two areas: quality instruction and climate and culture. There is also a district-wide, cumulative report.

The scorecard supplements the Illinois Report Card, which the Illinois State Board of Education releases every year for districts across the state, including Rockford.

RPS 205 created its own scorecard to illustrate and celebrate the leading indicators for student success. Key features in the scorecard include year-over-year student growth by subject area. 

The scorecard lays the groundwork for higher achievement and interventions. It gives each school’s leaders and staff the tools they need to improve teaching and learning. The scorecard also helps identify schools in need of targeted or intensive support. District leaders assist schools in setting goals, recognizing high-achieving and high-growth schools, and celebrating success. COVID-19 has affected results in certain areas. View the Scorecard to learn more. 

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