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Public Participation Guidelines

Welcome to the Board of Education Meeting

Those wishing to speak during the Petitions & Communications (Public Comment) section of the Board Meeting are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  • The total time for Petitions & Communications will not exceed 30 minutes. Those speakers unable to speak during the 30 minute time period will be encouraged to provide their remarks in writing to the Board, to contact Board Members individually, or speak at the next regular Board Meeting.
  • Each person wishing to speak to the Board will be limited to a maximum of three minutes.
  • Requests for speaking must be submitted on the speaker card form and turned in to the designated staff; cards will be accepted until 10 minutes prior to the scheduled beginning of the meeting.
  • Cards must indicate the issue on which the speaker wishes to speak and whether they will speak in support or opposition of the issue.
  • The speaker is responsible for limiting the comments to the issue indicated on their card, or they may be declared out of order by the chair and forfeit the remainder of their speaking time.
  • Speaking order will be determined by the subject and order of cards received.
  • The same issue may not be addressed a second time until a speaker taking the opposite side of a subject (if available) has had a chance to speak and all listed subjects have been addressed at least once.

Thank you for your interest and involvement in Rockford Public Schools. 

Meeting Minutes