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Elementary School Curriculum

Elementary students focus on seven main subjects: mathematics, foundational literacy, integrated literacy, units of study writing, physical education, art, and music.

Find a brief description – by grade level – of what to expect in each area.


Report Cards

Our elementary schools use standards-based grading to report student progress three times per year. This means identifying specific learning standards in each grade, and then using a score of 1 to 4 to indicate how well a student is meeting the expectation for that standard at a given point in the school year. For example, a score of 3 is always defined as a student meeting the end-of-year grade level expectation for that standard, without support.

Learn more about the elementary report card:

English  Spanish  Arabic

Sample report cards by grade level:


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Annie Peiffer
Curriculum Dean of Foundational and Early Literacy
Carrie Pagan
Curriculum Dean of Elementary Mathematics
Laura Schulz
Curriculum Dean of Fine Arts
Cory Nilsen
Curriculum Dean of Social Science
Josh Rappuhn
Curriculum Dean of Science
Kim Jensen
Curriculum Dean of Physical Education, Health and World Languages