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Fine Arts Hall of Fame

The 2024 RPS Fine Arts Hall of Fame - May 10th, 2024


This year, we're proud to honor:

📸 Winnie Au - A Guilford High School alumna who has made waves in the world of photography with her unique collection of work. From showcases around the globe to prestigious awards, Winnie's love for her craft has led to remarkable success.

🎭 Lon Hoegberg - Another Guilford High School alumnus, Lon's passion for theater shines through his work as a lighting, set, and sound designer. He continues to enrich the Rockford theater scene with his talent and dedication.

🎨 CoCo Ree Lemery - An Auburn High School alumna with an impressive list of accomplishments in design. From theatrical scenery to launching a furniture collection, CoCo's creative vision has garnered recognition from Ralph Lauren to Fox Studios.

🎺 Peter "Pete" Bond - A West High School alumnus who has reached great heights in his musical career, including 28 years with the Metropolitan Opera in New York. As a celebrated trumpet player and author, Pete's contributions to the arts are truly special.

Meet the 2024 Inductees

Peter Bond playing trumpet

Earl Dotson Jr. and Fine Arts Director Melissa Wolf sit down with Fine Arts Hall of Fame Inductee Peter Bond to discuss his music career and the education that started him on his journey.

Fine Arts Hall of Fame Inductees