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School Safety

Communication involving school-based emergencies and school safety will be shared on a case-by-case basis with support from the principal, administration, emergency personnel, security and communications teams. 

Parents/guardians are notified of school-based emergencies one or more of the following ways:

  • text message or phone call
  • email or letter
  • electronic flyer posted and emailed via Peachjar
  • Seesaw message from principal


Weather-Related School Closure

Here are the ways you’ll be notified of a weather-related school closure:  

  • automated phone call and/or text message to parents/guardians (make sure your school’s main office staff has your most recent phone number on file);  
  • email blast to all RPS 205 staff;  
  • email blast to local media to help us share the news;  
  • social media posts on the RPS 205 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages;  
  • post on under 205 VIBE™ The News
  • RPS 205 App



The decision to close schools during extreme weather (typically snow, ice or extreme cold) is made as early as possible, often very early in the morning. The decision is based on the best weather information available and how inclement weather will affect students, staff and parents during travel times.  


There’s no official temperature that closes schools. The Superintendent and his leadership team consider several factors, including road conditions. Typically a wind chill of negative 25 will start the conversation about possibly closing schools.  

Who decides

Canceling school because of inclement weather is the Superintendent’s decision to make, and he communicates with his leadership team to make the best decision for our students. Please remember that the final decision is up to the parent/guardian. If you decide to keep your child or children home because of the weather, please contact your child’s main office staff to inform them of your decision.