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Student Records

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The RPS 205 Student Records Department maintains records only for inactive students and RPS 205 graduates.
If you have a student currently attending an RPS 205 school, please contact that school directly for records.

*Notice of Adjusted Business Hours*
Student Records Department will be close the following days in December:
Thursday, Dec 23, Friday, Dec 24, Thursday, Dec 30, and 
Friday Dec 31
We will have adjusted time to 8am-4:30pm on Wednesday Dec 22 and Wednesday Dec 28. Thank you for understanding. 


Official Transcripts


It's easy to order an official transcript today! RPS 205 has partnered with Parchment to process official transcripts electronically. Send your official transcript to any technical programs, colleges and universities, as many of them are already Parchment receivers. You may also request for an official transcript to be mailed to any address of your choice. When ordering official transcripts, please include any/all former last names to ensure a seamless transaction. Thank you!

Notice: Official Transcripts cannot be releaseD if student still owes fees/fines.

Student accounts must be cleared at $0 for official transcripts to be released. Request on Parchment will be placed on hold up to 30 days for payment to clear fines/fees. After 30 days if no payment is received, your request will be canceled. Contact Parchment Support at to request a refund. Parchment will attempt to give a refund, but it is not guaranteed. You may contact the RPS 205 Student Records Department at 815-966-3284 to check your fees/fines before making a request.

Go to Parchment  step by step guide

Order from Auburn High School 

Order from East High School

Order from Guilford High School  

Order from Jefferson High School

Order from roosevelt community education center 

Order from west High School


You may submit a request for an official transcript via USPS mail. Please print, fill out and mail the student records request form, along with $2.00 cash or check, and a copy of your current state ID to our department. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing, once we have received your request.   

Student records
request form


Please note, most request can be assisted electronically! If you're coming in for a Walk-In service, please bring your current state ID and $2.00 cash only (small cash bills preferred). We cannot accept any credit/debit card payment. Address and business hours are provided on the right-handed side.


Copies of Unofficial Transcripts and Immunization Records


You may submit a request for unofficial transcripts and immunization records by emailing Please include the following information in your email: Name, Maiden/Former Names, DOB, and specify what you're looking for (unofficial transcript or immunizations). Lastly, you must attach your current state ID in the email too. We need to identify you as the former student. Please allow 48 hours for processing.

Please Note: Once a student is 18 years old, they are no longer a minor. Parents cannot access records without their written consent. The former student needing the records should contact the Student Records Department to find out what will be accepted as written consent before asking parents to pick up records. No exceptions will be made.

School Records

School records are sometimes required for the purpose of taxes, DACA, or other reasons. If you need official school records (signed, sealed and enclosed) there is a fee of $2 per set. Official records can be obtained in person or by mail using the Student Records Request Form below. Please refer to the "Mail for Official Transcripts" for more directions. Copies of student records are free and can be obtained in person or by email. Please refer to "Copies of Unofficial Transcripts" for more directions.

Student records
request form


Cash, check or money order made out to RPS 205

  • Official High School Transcript - $2.00
  • Official LPN Transcript - $2.00
  • Official School Records - $2.00
  • Copies of Transcripts - Free
  • Copies of School Records - Free
  • Immunization Records - Free​
  • Drop Letter - Free

If you are homeless or are helping someone who is homeless, no fees will be charged for student records. Correspondence requires a signature from a qualifying official and phone number where they can be reached. If you have a special circumstance which warrants a fee waiver, please ask to speak with the Student Records Clerk.

Additional Information

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